Nars – Deep Throat

I’ve wanted a Nars blusher for quite some time now so when my birthday came round it was top of my list. I’d heard that ‘Orgasm’ can make you look a bit flushed, but not in a good way, so I plumped for ‘Deep Throat’ (Oh la la!).

It looks pinker than it is in real life – it’s actually a pinky, peachy colour with the prettiest gold flecks running through it. It’s quite sheer but buildable if you prefer a stronger cheek.

I’ve been using it everyday for a couple of weeks now and I’m not bored of it – it’s quickly nabbed a place in my top five blushers. Brava Nars!



Uniq One

I’ve been using and loving Moroccan Oil lately so it took me a while to get round to trying out this Glossybox offering. It claims to offer ten benefits for your hair in one product.

1. Repair for dry, damaged hair

2. Shine and frizz control

3. Heat protection

4. Silky smooth finish

5. Colour protection with UV filters

6. Easier brushing and ironing

7. Detangler

8. Longer lasting style

9. Split end prevention

10. Adds body

That’s a whole lotta claims for one little tube! But, all the benefits that I can judge (I can’t comment on the UV filters etc) it lives up to its bold claims.

It smells really nice and is really easy to spread around your hair which some creams aren’t. I can’t decide if I prefer creams or oils in my hair but I love that you don’t get any product build-up with this.

I pop my little sample into my gym bag for on the go hair-washing and I think I like it just as much as my Moroccan Oil. It leaves my hair soft and silky and feeling really nourished, even after swimming. Another Glossybox hit!

Uniq One Hair Treatment – £13.99

Caudalie Serum SOS

I got this sample in a Glossybox a few months ago and the tiny 10ml tube is still going strong. It’s such a lovely, hydrating product that you only need a tiny amount to make your skin feel great.

Serums are meant to be applied before moisturiser to help them be more easily absorbed into the skin. Sometimes that’s how I use this but sometimes it makes my skin so soft I don’t feel the need for anything else on top.

There’s not a Caudalie product I’ve tried that I don’t like and this is no exception. My only niggle is that I would be careful if you have really dry or dehydrated skin as I think it would just suck this straight up.

What other Caudalie products should I try?

Shy Girl

I just wanted to have a little rave about my new favourite every day lipstick. It’s nothing special and I definitely prefer a colour pop on my lips but Mac’s Shy Girl has been a surprising hit.

I think it’s because I’ve been wearing a strong eye when I go out recently that I decided to invest in a good nude. Shy Girl is great for that but I’ve also been reaching for it a lot for the day time too. It goes with everything and just adds a polished look to my face for work.

It’s basically just a nude with a hit of peach. It has enough colour not to give you concealer lips but not enough to clash with any other colour you have on your face.

Being a Mac Creamsheen formula, it’s super moisturising too which makes a nice change from all the drying, matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing recently.

I’m desperate to get my mitts on Mac’s Reel Sexy next but it seems to have sold out everywhere. Sigh.

Sad Face


 I got a sample of the Murad Clarifying Mask in my last Glossy box and I have to say I was disappointed at first. I’m still really enjoying my Origins Drink-Up Intensive Moisture mask and didn’t think I had a place in my skincare for another mask.

It wasn’t until I saw it was aimed at acne suffers that I gave it a proper go. I don’t know if I’ve even got acne but I do know that at the age of 28 I’m experiencing the first spots I’ve had in my life and they’re making up for lost time! They’re always on my chin which I believe is hormonal so I’m a bit stuck with what to do about them. Not fun.

I didn’t think the acne mask could hurt and first of all I just used it on my problem area and found it seemed to really draw everything to the surface and calm them down (shudder). The second time I used it I applied it to more of my face and it was then I saw how good it was. It really tightened my pores and left my skin super soft and generally a lot better than before I used it.

Although £38 for 75ml isn’t cheap it does seem to be working so I’ll probably repurchase. If any of you have any recommendations for spots please pop them in a comment for me x

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I love this stuff. I’ve been using it for a while now and nothing makes my skin feel cleaner. While my beloved Bioderma is amazing for removing make-up and for a quick cleanse, sometimes you need a deeper clean.

To use the Cleanse and Polish works you rub it over your dry face (which feels weird at first) while you soak a muslin cloth in hot water. You rinse it out and buff the cream off your face with the cloth, and then splash with cool water.

The polishing with the cloth gently exfoliates the skin and gives it a really deep clean.

Sounds pretty standard but the magic part (yes, magic) is that you can rub this into your eyes till the cows come home and it doesn’t sting at all. Not at all. If I’m wearing heavy eye make-up I’ll still wipe most of it off before using this though, otherwise you do end up with a black face, but it’s great for removing every last trace.

It has a gorgeous ‘spa’ smell to it too which I think comes from the eucalyptus. This product gets a lot of hype but I think it’s well deserved – what do you think?

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 100ml Starter Kit – £14.25


I’ve heard every woman and her dog banging on about how much they loved this stuff so I was a happy girl when I saw it was one of the Benefit samples Glamour were giving away this month.

The other two were ‘That Gal’ highlighting primer and ‘Bad Gal’ mascara. I already have both of these products and I’m not overly keen on the mascara to be honest. It looks waaay to natural for my liking.

But, I was curious to try the Porefessional primer which is designed to minimize pores. I don’t have a massive pore problem but I do have a few bigger ones around my nose that I’d rather not be there.

To start with this stuff is such a pleasure to apply I didn’t really care if it worked or not. It made my skin feel silky smooth and soft – I couldn’t stop touching it. There was definitely a noticeable reduction in my pores too.

My foundation went over the top smoothly and I was happy with how my skin looked. If you’re looking for a primer to help your make-up stay put I wouldn’t say this one’s for you. But if you want something to even out the skin and give you a flawless finish, pick up a sample and give it a go.

Porefessional PRO Balm by benefit – £23.50 Boots

Surf Spray

I have long, fairly fine hair so anything that gives it texture or volume gets a massive thumbs up from me. Most of the time things that claim to give you big hair don’t give you lift longer than it takes for your hair to cool down after you’ve dried it.

As a teenager I used to use a John Frieda product that you shook together to combine an oil and a water based product. It used to give you lovely beachy waves but unfortunately they discontinued it years ago and I’ve never found anything as good since.

Until (drum roll!) I used Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. It’s a proper cult product and I’m happy to say it’s worth the hype. I literally had to tame my hair down after blow-drying it upside down with a few sprays of this. It gives a matte texture to the hair which some people might not suit everyone but I really like it.

As a salt spray it gives you the been-at-the-beach-all-day look which I always hate washing out when I’m on holiday.

It’s quite expensive at £20 but I don’t mind paying for things if they do what they say they do. I’m not aware of any dupes that work as well but if you are, let me know x


Golden Delicious

Here’s a couple of tanning products that I’ve been using recently. It’s a pretty basic routine but it works well and doesn’t leave me with the dreaded ‘Essex’ look – yey!

The first product I use is the St Tropez Bronzing mousse which I use on my body. I haven’t tried many self-tans but I think this is a really nice product and has always worked well for me (touch wood!). It has a greeny tinge to it which means it gives an olive-toned colour rather than an orange-based one.

I do the usual routine involving exfoliating and moisturising knees and elbows before applying with a mitt. I use a cheap mitt I got from Boots by pumping the mouse one pump at a time and applying it to the skin making sure not to miss any – this is the only way it won’t be even St Tropez claim. I always make sure I blend out towards hands, feet and other areas that are normally paler too.

I’ve used St Tropez on my face lots of times with great results but I wanted to try something specially formulated for the face. The Clarins Liquid Bronze was the one everyone raved most about so that’s where I started. I’ve only used it a couple of times but so far so good. It’s buildable so you can pick how dark you want to go but it’s such a lovely natural colour that even one application gives you a glow.

This is a cream formulation that you can’t see as it goes on like you can with the St Tropez. I apply it with a cotton wool pad and it’s like wiping your face with a cleansing cream. Unlike the St Tropez you don’t need to wash this one off and can be applied under make-up whilst your tan developes over the next few hours.

I’m really happy with the combination of these two products and don’t think I’ll be changing them anytime soon. I think it always feels like such a risk to try a new tanning products so if you find something that works for you it’s a good idea to stick with it.

St Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse – £30.69 (240ml) Boots

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tanning for Face and Decollete – £17.50 (125ml) Boots

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Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks – if you’d like to follow me on Instagram my name’s gemmaberry. Hope everybody’s enjoying the sunshine! x