Neon Splash

This is the first time I’ve tried any of the Topshop Lip Sticks. I was a bit worried the matte effect might be drying but it actually goes on really creamy. It isn’t very forgiving if you have dry lips to begin with though as it seems to highlight any imperfections. The best thing about this one is the colour – Powder Room. For me it’s the perfect baby pink with a hint of neon.

This is how it looks on (excuse my weirdly unsymmetrical face):


I must have a thing about neon at the moment because I’ve been wearing Models Own – Fuzzy Peach a lot lately. I always get compliments on it when I wear it – I think it’s because it’s such a happy colour!

I also bought this sparkly little beaut today – I’ll post pictures when I get round to trying it out.

Models Own - Ibiza Mix


5 thoughts on “Neon Splash

  1. That’s OK! A friend told me to look at what you were doing, it’s great! Sorry about mentioning writing for a living, I hadn’t read your profile! Who do you write for if you don’t mind me asking?

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