More than a tissue

Kleenex goody bag

A couple of weeks ago a tweet popped up on my Twitter timeline from Kleenex asking girls for their ‘wipe me away’ moments. These are the embarrassing moments where we wish we could just wipe ourselves away. This was right up my street as I have one of these weekly! So I condensed a cringe-worthy tale of thinking a porter was bending down to kiss me when in fact he was picking up my bags, with me following him down lips pursed – wipe me away indeed.

Later that day the lovely girls at Kleenex tweeted me to say I was the winner of one of their wondrous goody bags – and it arrived today! Inside was some facial cleansing wipes, eye make-up removal wipes, shine absorbing sheets, facial clothes and a pocket mirror.

Facial wipes are something I use quite a lot – when I’m tired, tipsy or staying away. They’re not something I use because I think they’re the best thing for the job. They normally leave my face feeling tight and sometimes even a bit sore. But I have to say that the Kleenex ones are in a different league. They’re quilted which always feels luxurious and weren’t as wet as normal wipes which meant my face wasn’t left with excess product so my moisturizer went on easier. One of the things I loved the most though was the fact that when you pulled out a wipe it didn’t pull the next one through with it. This normally leaves me trying to stuff it back through the little hole to stop it drying out!

I used the cleansing clothes to apply my toner after the wipes and they felt really soft on my skin too. I think applying it with cotton wool is fine but sometimes it can get those little scratchy bits in that catch on your face.

I haven’t got round to using the strips yet as I don’t really suffer from oily skin. I’ll probably save them for a night out or when it gets a bit warmer. All-in-all I’m really pleased with my goody bag and I’ll definitely be adding these wipes to my lazy-girl routine.




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