Something Old

Thought I’d mix it up with a bit of a different post today and show you my antique haul from the past couple of weeks. Last summer I spent more Sundays than not trawling antiques fairs and markets looking for quirky one-offs for my house. The weather hasn’t been encouraging but the first few events of spring have started to pop up and I’ve already bought quite a lot.

These are my lovely bedside tables that I picked up with my friend Amy at our local antiques fair at Detling show ground. They were £55 for the pair – French, don’t you know. I love them but I have to say they had a funny smell until they were aired but I guess it’s part of the charm :s

This crabby looking contraption is actually a foot-stall but I will paint it and use it to store blankets at the end of the bed in our spare room. I paid £30 although it’s pretty fugly.

Sorry for the rubbish picture but I picked this Victorian table up for £25 and I think it’s adorable (the glass and the air freshener are both available from Sainsbury’s ;))

I picked these fire-pokers up at Ardingly for £20. My brother thinks they look a bit old-lady-ish but I think it’s quite cool. Well maybe not cool but quite unique at least.

By far the best buy (I’ll post pictures when I’ve cleaned it all up) was a collectors edition Monopoly board. It was lying in a puddle and water came flooding out of it’s draw as I picked it up – it was like a relic from the Titanic. It’s a beautiful wooden board with gold plated pieces and a leather-bound property portfolio.

The receipt for £390 was inside the draw sopping wet but I got it for £20 because of it being drenched. I took it home and dried it all out and it’s absolutely fine. I just need to touch up the varnish as it’s a bit chipped and it’ll be good as new. Out of curiosity I googled the name of the edition and found them selling for up to £2000 – not a bad profit! I won’t sell it though, I love it.

Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of post or not x




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