24-hour tattoo

An eye-shadow that stays put for more than a couple of hours on me is a bit of a holy-grail. Any product along my lashes ends up on my brow bone and whatever’s on the lid always creases. Attractive right?

It’s something that really annoys me and I’m always trying out primers that claim to keep eye make-up in place. So obviously Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo gel-cream eyeshadow was going to be something I’d have to try.

I picked up the Permanent Taupe colour at Boots for £4.99. Maybelline haven’t launched as many colours in the UK as they have in America – I think there were only five in my local Boots. I knew that the taupe would be the colour I’d find the most wearable although there was a gorgeous bronze which would look amazing with a tan.

I’m in love with this colour – it’s perfect for a neutral smokey eye. The texture of it goes on really easily with just a finger. Be careful though, it’s super pigmented and it’s easy to put too much on in one go. One dab gave this colour swatch:

So – staying power. I have to say I was massively disappointed the first time I tried it. I went into the toilet at work expecting to see my eyes how I’d done them that morning but there was hardly any colour there, what was there had creased.

I actually felt a bit sad when I saw how rubbish it had worn but I gave it another go anyway. It seems to work better either on top or underneath a powder shadow and that’s how I’ve been wearing it. I wouldn’t say it’s 24 hours by any means but lasts about 6  on me when primed.

Don’t take my word for it on this one though. The swatch on my hand was actually really hard to get off. I have a feeling that I have something about my eyes that makes it difficult for eyeshadow to stay put. Deep-set eyes? Greasy eye-lids? Yuck!


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