Bioderma Vs Dior Instant Cleansing Water

I was lucky enough to be gifted a bottle of Dior Cleansing Water last year – it was the first time I’d heard of a ‘Micellaire’ solution. Basically it feels as clean and natural as wiping you face with a water that magically disolves all traces of make-up – cool right? Just a squirt on a cotton wool pad wiped over the face morning and night and your face is ready to go.

Shortly after I discovered this little miracle worker the beauty blogasphere went crazy for a french product called Bioderma. I fully intended to repurchase the Dior cleanser but worried I was missing out, I opted for the H2O de jour and ordered a bottle of Bioderma.

After using the Bioderma for a couple of days I haven’t noticed any difference between the two products. Nada. They’re both fragrance free and shift even the stubbornest of mascaras no sweat.

But there are two points to consider when choosing which one to go for. One is availability. Bioderma is a French pharmacy brand and isn’t yet available in the UK. If you go to France (and other European countries I believe)  regularly or know someone who does then you should grab it when you have the opportunity. If not, there’s a host of Ebay sellers that offer a good service with fast delivery.

The Dior is available from department stores like House of Fraser which makes it much easier for a spur of the moment or emergency restock purchase.

The second point is price. The Dior is a whopping £23.50 for 200ml which is fairly pricey for a cleanser. I found that the bottle lasted just over six months so I guess it doesn’t work out too badly really. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get a bottle of Bioderma from France I believe it’s as little as 8 Euros for 500ml of product. The cheapest I found on Ebay was £10 plus postage which still works out a hell of a lot cheaper. Plus it arrived the day after I ordered it which is amazing!

One other point to consider is the Dior has a pump which makes applying it to the cotton pad that little bit easier. All in all I think I’ll be sticking to the Bioderma from now on – simply because it’s almost half the price for more than double the product.


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