Sad Face


 I got a sample of the Murad Clarifying Mask in my last Glossy box and I have to say I was disappointed at first. I’m still really enjoying my Origins Drink-Up Intensive Moisture mask and didn’t think I had a place in my skincare for another mask.

It wasn’t until I saw it was aimed at acne suffers that I gave it a proper go. I don’t know if I’ve even got acne but I do know that at the age of 28 I’m experiencing the first spots I’ve had in my life and they’re making up for lost time! They’re always on my chin which I believe is hormonal so I’m a bit stuck with what to do about them. Not fun.

I didn’t think the acne mask could hurt and first of all I just used it on my problem area and found it seemed to really draw everything to the surface and calm them down (shudder). The second time I used it I applied it to more of my face and it was then I saw how good it was. It really tightened my pores and left my skin super soft and generally a lot better than before I used it.

Although £38 for 75ml isn’t cheap it does seem to be working so I’ll probably repurchase. If any of you have any recommendations for spots please pop them in a comment for me x


2 thoughts on “Sad Face

  1. A friend of mine who worked for dermalogica for years told me spots on the chin are hormonal too. She said the best thing for them is a steam facial (literally just hot water in a bowl and a teatowel over your head!) with few drops of tea tree oil in it. Then dabbing a bit of tea tree oil directly on spots with a cotton bud. Seems to work x

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