I’ve heard every woman and her dog banging on about how much they loved this stuff so I was a happy girl when I saw it was one of the Benefit samples Glamour were giving away this month.

The other two were ‘That Gal’ highlighting primer and ‘Bad Gal’ mascara. I already have both of these products and I’m not overly keen on the mascara to be honest. It looks waaay to natural for my liking.

But, I was curious to try the Porefessional primer which is designed to minimize pores. I don’t have a massive pore problem but I do have a few bigger ones around my nose that I’d rather not be there.

To start with this stuff is such a pleasure to apply I didn’t really care if it worked or not. It made my skin feel silky smooth and soft – I couldn’t stop touching it. There was definitely a noticeable reduction in my pores too.

My foundation went over the top smoothly and I was happy with how my skin looked. If you’re looking for a primer to help your make-up stay put I wouldn’t say this one’s for you. But if you want something to even out the skin and give you a flawless finish, pick up a sample and give it a go.

Porefessional PRO Balm by benefit – £23.50 Boots


Benefit Powder Swatches

As I have quite a few of Benefits blushers and bronzers I thought it might be helpful to do a little comparison for anyone thinking of making a purchase.

As you can see I’ve used some more than others but I have to say I love them all. I find them really easy to blend and really buildable.

‘Dandelion’ is a really pretty, girly pink. I like to use it dabbed on the apple of my cheeks over a bronzer.

‘Coralista’ is my go-to everyday blusher. It gives a really flattering peachy glow to the skin that looks just as good on a tan as on winter skin.

’10’ is shimmery bronzer and highlighter duo that I use as a bronzer in the winter and a highlighter when I’m more tanned. It gives a really nice finish on the skin without being sparkly – too shimmery to be used for contouring though.

‘Dallas’ is plum toned blush that Benefit claim makes you glow. I have to say I love this colour, it’s surprisingly flattering even on my pale skin. It’s quite dark in colour but much more wearable than bronzer.

‘Hoola’ is Benefit’s quintessential broonzer and as you can see I’ve had it quite a while! I really wear it unless I already have a tan as I find it a bit too dark otherwise. I’ve heard lots of people say they love it for their pale skin (Caggie Dunlop, I’m looking at you) but you would need to be very careful with it. A perfect matte colour for contouring though.

Hoola, Dallas, 10, Coralista, Dandelion

Benefit have recently changed the style of their packaging which means you get slightly less product for your money but as it’s hard to get through a blusher I don’t think it’s too much of a problem. There are three more cheek powders that I haven’t got but they look gorgeous too.

Benefit powders are available for Boots at £23.50.