Surf Spray

I have long, fairly fine hair so anything that gives it texture or volume gets a massive thumbs up from me. Most of the time things that claim to give you big hair don’t give you lift longer than it takes for your hair to cool down after you’ve dried it.

As a teenager I used to use a John Frieda product that you shook together to combine an oil and a water based product. It used to give you lovely beachy waves but unfortunately they discontinued it years ago and I’ve never found anything as good since.

Until (drum roll!) I used Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. It’s a proper cult product and I’m happy to say it’s worth the hype. I literally had to tame my hair down after blow-drying it upside down with a few sprays of this. It gives a matte texture to the hair which some people might not suit everyone but I really like it.

As a salt spray it gives you the been-at-the-beach-all-day look which I always hate washing out when I’m on holiday.

It’s quite expensive at £20 but I don’t mind paying for things if they do what they say they do. I’m not aware of any dupes that work as well but if you are, let me know x