Shy Girl

I just wanted to have a little rave about my new favourite every day lipstick. It’s nothing special and I definitely prefer a colour pop on my lips but Mac’s Shy Girl has been a surprising hit.

I think it’s because I’ve been wearing a strong eye when I go out recently that I decided to invest in a good nude. Shy Girl is great for that but I’ve also been reaching for it a lot for the day time too. It goes with everything and just adds a polished look to my face for work.

It’s basically just a nude with a hit of peach. It has enough colour not to give you concealer lips but not enough to clash with any other colour you have on your face.

Being a Mac Creamsheen formula, it’s super moisturising too which makes a nice change from all the drying, matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing recently.

I’m desperate to get my mitts on Mac’s Reel Sexy next but it seems to have sold out everywhere. Sigh.



On account of the fact that my local Topshop doesn’t stock the colour ‘Coy’ which I’ve wanted for ages I decided to try ‘Whimsical’ which is fairly similar – and I love it!

It’s such a pretty colour for spring, not too heavy, not too invisible. Since I bought it a week ago I think I’ve worn it everyday.

The wear on it isn’t great, I think it lasted a couple of hours on me. But when it starts to fade it leaves a peachy flush to your lips which is pretty as well.

Topshop describe it as a ‘pinky nude’ but I’d say it’s more of a coral nude or peachy nude really.

As I’ve found with other Topshop lipsticks, the formula can be a bit drying but that’s typical of most matte lipsticks. This isn’t as drying or matte as their pencil lipsticks by quite a long way though. I’d say this is a good starting point if your unsure about trying a matte colour on your lips x