Shy Girl

I just wanted to have a little rave about my new favourite every day lipstick. It’s nothing special and I definitely prefer a colour pop on my lips but Mac’s Shy Girl has been a surprising hit.

I think it’s because I’ve been wearing a strong eye when I go out recently that I decided to invest in a good nude. Shy Girl is great for that but I’ve also been reaching for it a lot for the day time too. It goes with everything and just adds a polished look to my face for work.

It’s basically just a nude with a hit of peach. It has enough colour not to give you concealer lips but not enough to clash with any other colour you have on your face.

Being a Mac Creamsheen formula, it’s super moisturising too which makes a nice change from all the drying, matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing recently.

I’m desperate to get my mitts on Mac’s Reel Sexy next but it seems to have sold out everywhere. Sigh.


Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

As I seem to be getting all the spots I should have had as teenager at the moment I wanted to invest in a good concealer. I went to a few make-up counters  and was told they don’t really do anything for covering blemishes – wtf? I thought that was the main purpose of a concealer?

Anyway, the girls at Mac recommended Pro Longwear for me which can be built up for more coverage if needed. After being colour matched to NC20 I was told that this can only be used on blemishes and never under the eyes. Apparently yellow toned skin can has to have yellow toned concealer on the face and pink toned under the eyes – who knew?

The day I bought the Pro Longwear I had a really bad break-out on my chin but by the time I’d finished with it I felt really confident going out for the night. I have a slight suspicion the colour is a little too dark for me but it’s fine with a bit of blending.

The only thing I would say is because of the pump it’s really difficult to squeeze a tiny bit out. I always end up wasting quite a lot which is annoying. Although the pump will mean I get every drop out of the bottle so I guess it’s the same either way.

It lasts really well too, I can wear it all day without touch ups. I don’t really have anything else to compare it to so let me know what you think of it. Do you have a concealer you can’t live without?