I’ve heard every woman and her dog banging on about how much they loved this stuff so I was a happy girl when I saw it was one of the Benefit samples Glamour were giving away this month.

The other two were ‘That Gal’ highlighting primer and ‘Bad Gal’ mascara. I already have both of these products and I’m not overly keen on the mascara to be honest. It looks waaay to natural for my liking.

But, I was curious to try the Porefessional primer which is designed to minimize pores. I don’t have a massive pore problem but I do have a few bigger ones around my nose that I’d rather not be there.

To start with this stuff is such a pleasure to apply I didn’t really care if it worked or not. It made my skin feel silky smooth and soft – I couldn’t stop touching it. There was definitely a noticeable reduction in my pores too.

My foundation went over the top smoothly and I was happy with how my skin looked. If you’re looking for a primer to help your make-up stay put I wouldn’t say this one’s for you. But if you want something to even out the skin and give you a flawless finish, pick up a sample and give it a go.

Porefessional PRO Balm by benefit – £23.50 Boots